Stolz aus Holz

Labels imitation leather with Chicago Screws - set 10-100 pieces

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Give your homemade the perfect final touch with our faux leather labels. The combination of labels and Chicago Screws is perfect for hats, scarves, bags, etc. 

You can order our clothing labels from 10 pieces. You can also choose whether these should be delivered with or without Chicago Screws. 

Product features Labels & Chicago Screws:


  •  synthetic leather (PU) 
  • 22 mm * 80 mm
  •  8 different colors (see product images)
  • (colors cannot be mixed)
  •  Individual engraving with name
  •  Choose one of 13 different motifs
  • Own logo? send us one News! 

 Chicago Screws:

  • Head diameter: 10mm
  • Steghöhe: 5-6mm
  • Width: 4mm
  • Available colors: gold (brass plated), silver (nickel plated), black (stainless steel)

*Personalized items are non-returnable
*Care Instructions: Hand wash. Not in the washing machine. Not in the dryer.