Children's breakfast board with individual engraving approx. 22x12 cm - laser engraving


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Our personalized children's breakfast boards are available with different motifs and can be individually provided with the children's names. We are also happy to adapt the laser engraving to your specific wishes.

Product features Breakfast board with individual engraving

- Laser engraving
- Size approx. 22 x 12 x1 cm
- Beech wood
- not in the dishwasher

We deliver the snack board with the engraving you have selected. We use a laser to burn the engraving into the wood. In general, the wooden snack boards should not be put in the dishwasher, but wiped off by hand.

In order to further improve the durability of the small, personalized boards, we seal your engraved board with a food-safe wood oil.

The breakfast board is ideal as a small personal gift for children, godchildren, parents and the whole family in general. Whether it's for a birthday or Christmas, it's the perfect, lovingly personalized gift.

*The engraving is offered with a maximum size of 7x7 cm. Would you like to have the whole board individually engraved? No problem! Contact us and tell us your ideas. We will find a solution! :)