Wachsen und wachsen lassen - Ihr habt 3000 Bäume gepflanzt! | Stolz aus Holz

Grow and let grow - You have planted 6000 trees!

Apr 13, 2022Andreas Thurmayr

Our business is growing because of you, but not only... Together with ecolog.com, we plant a tree for every order you place with us in the Stolzausholz.de online shop. We have already planted over 6000 trees together!

Through you, we are currently helping to ensure that the mangrove forest in Madagascar is reforested. Together we make a positive contribution to the climate and at the same time create jobs for the local people. So together we have already planted several hundred small mangrove seedlings. We would like to thank you very much for this and look forward to planting thousands more trees in your name. 

here you can always keep yourself up to date on our commitment to Madagascar and find out about the supported projects. 


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